Listening: The Little Red Hen

Perhaps you have heard of Aesop’s Fables? Fables are stories that want to tell the reader something about human nature. We often meet animals who behave like human beings in fables.

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Listen to the fable 'The Little Red Hen', then do the activities below.



1        Understanding the fable
a          Choose the right answer to each question.
          What was the colour of the hen? red / blue / white
          What was the first thing the hen did? plant the grain / cut the wheat / take the flour to the baker
          Who was the first she asked for help? the pig / the cat / the rat
          How many animals helped her? three / one / none
          What did the baker make? cake / buns / bread
          Who ate it all up? the pig and the cat / the rat / the hen
b          Make a cartoon of “The Little Red Hen”. Include all the main events of the story.
2          Writing
To paraphrase a story means to retell it in your own words without changing the original meaning.
Paraphrase “The Little Red Hen”. In the original story there is a great deal of direct speech, for example “Not I, said the cat. In your paraphrase it may be useful to use indirect speech, for example The cat said he did not want to.
Try to link the sentences in your story together with adverbs such as then, later, soon, after, afterwards, finally.