Fill the gaps in the following letter to a newspaper with linking words from the list.


However Moreover Naturally To sum up For instance For one thing Similarly

Dear Sir,

I have read in the newspaper that the Borough Council plans to open a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Ashdon Road. As a local inhabitant I can tell you that there is strong opposition to this in the local community and anger at the way the council has dealt with the matter. , we have at no time been consulted by the council about the plans. , when we ourselves organised a meeting to discuss the issue, the council refused to attend.
, I recognise the importance of drug rehabilitation and the need to tackle the increasing drug problem in our community. I feel that there are many reasons why Ashdon Road is an extremely unsuitable location for such a centre.  it is almost next door to a Primary School playground, with the awful prospect of children finding used, and probably aids-infested, syringes lying about. , the proposed centre is just across the street from a library that is popular with the elderly. How many of these will dare to use the library when the centre users move in?
, these plans are a threat to the safety and wellbeing of the community of Ashdon Road. We demand that the council think again!
Henry Nimby
rehabilitation rehabilitering
inhabitant beboer
borough council kommunestyre
unsuitable upassende
location plassering
proposed planlagt
prospect utsikt, mulighet
syringe sprøyte