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Indeed Furthermore On the contrary As a result therefore Firstly Evidently

Dear Sir,

I would just like to say how sickening it was to read Henry Nimby’s letter concerning the proposed drug rehabilitation centre in Ashdon Road.
, unlike Mr Nimby I do not feel that the location is unsuitable. , it is ideal. The whole point of a rehabilitation centre is to bring people back into the community, and that means a living community with schools, libraries etc. Drug problems, like all social problems, are the responsibility of all of us and should not be simply brushed under the carpet. , Mr Nimby believes addicts should be sent as far away as possible, preferably on an deserted island, where they are out of sight and, therefore, out of mind.
, I would like to know what right Mr Nimby has to claim to represent the local inhabitants of Ashdon Road. The “meeting” he refers to was held at his house and only opponents of the centre were invited. , supporters who tried to attend were turned away. , Mr Nimby has succeeded in dividing the community he claims to represent.
Jane Goody
sickening kvalmende
proposed planlagt
deserted øde
claim hevde