In the following excerpt taken from the short story most of the prepositions have been left out. Find the correct preposition without looking at the text.

People come  and  of the room where I lay. I can’t move so I don’t see them very well but sometimes, someone comes  close  front  me and then I can see them properly. There’s a woman with a fat little face and short black hair who’s always staring … me. For a while I thought she was looking  me, but actually she is looking  herself. That’s why I wonder if maybe I am a mirror. Once, after she’d been looking very closely  me, she turned  and said  someone else, 'I look and look  her, but all I ever see is my own face.'

She’s always holding things  in front of me – a teddy bear, a CD cover, clothes, photographs of people. She gets very talkative sitting next  me, although there’s no one here to talk  . There’s someone she’s looking  called Marianne. She calls  Marianne over and over again. I’d like to tell her that Marianne isn’t here. There’s no one here.