Fill in the gaps using words from the list.


respect education student consequence teacher

'No to corporal punishment'

It's the carrot not the stick, says one local head . Speaking on a BBC programme, John Murphy, the Principal at Croydon’s newest Academy, says he has transformed behaviour in his school by treating his students with .

On a debate on Corporal Punishment in Schools he said: "Cane our students?  We don't even shout at them!  We treat all our students with respect and want them to get the most out of their ." 

"We care for our students: 17 members of staff ran up Ben Nevis to raise money to help pay for some of our students to go on our annual ski trip".

"Oasis Academy is fully inclusive. We have the highest aspirations for each and every and in return they respect us, their teachers. We have a very positive learning atmosphere throughout the Academy, at the heart of which is our rewards system." 

"If students do something wrong we might raise an eyebrow to show our displeasure and that is enough for them to know that they have overstepped the mark and they will need to face a for their misdemeanour.”

(BBC London)