Fill in the gaps using adjectives from the list.


long pretty common famous popular earlier dramatic important

Bollywood is the name of the India film industry. Last year Bollywood sold a million more tickets than Hollywood, and Bollywood films are becoming very in western countries.
Bollywood films are often very , sometimes as long as three hours. They include singing and dancing, and are often about love. They can be , but they can also be funny.
Songs are very in Bollywood films. The actors sing about what is happening in the film. Bollywood films also usually have a scene where a girl dances. 

Bollywood films are changing. The actors were not allowed to kiss before, but now it is becoming more . The characters now meet at discos and go on dates. In films, they used to meet at arranged marriages.
Two of the most stars in Bollywood are Aishwariya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan. Aishwariya won Miss World in 1995 before becoming an actress. Shah Rukh Khan is so popular he cannot leave his house without six bodyguards