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Hello everyone. My name’s Santander Singh. I’m seventeen and I live in the big city of Calcutta in the east of . I go to school. My main subjects are and sales. I also have a part-time at a call centre. I can assure you, you don’t want to pick up the phone and call someone just to talk about anything and everything after three in that place. I may have to answer as many as forty phone calls in one hour! But this job is very useful for me, because I get to service-mindedness, and I also get to develop an understanding of how think, what their typical questions and desires are, etc.

My for the future is to work in marketing. That is a very fascinating field and it’s developing as we speak. Our world is more and more becoming a society, so if companies selling a product or don’t know how to get their message across to the public, they really have no hope of success. This is why there’ll be a growing for people with marketing . And the real thrill is this: There’s no telling what product will catch on among people. And if it does – or does not – is it because of the itself, or because of how it’s marketed? That’s a constant challenge.