Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate word (see 'Hjelpeliste').


encourage reputation bravery cruel posh calm fear brass obedient

The resulting paragraphs will give you a short summary of the story.

Assef is a blond, blue-eyed bully who lives in a  compound in Kabul. He has a  for savagery because he enjoys bullying other boys. He is often accompanied by  friends who look up to him and  his cruelty. He often tortures Hassan’s father, Ali, by calling out  jeers.

One day he comes upon Hassan and Amir and threatens them by taking out his  knuckles. Hassan aims his slingshot at Assef’s face and his  makes Assef leave them alone. Amir, however, can sense the  that is hidden behind Hassan’s  voice. After this terrifying encounter the boys go home. For now they are safe.