Activity - Afghanistan

Answer the questions.



  • Where is Afghanistan? What is that part of the world called, and which are the neighbouring countries?
  • How many people live in Afghanistan? Name the major ethnic groups that live in the country (four).
  • Find some information about agriculture in the country.
  • Find some information about the school situation.
  • What happened to the country in 1979?
  • How will you explain what Taliban is?
  • See if you can find what Taliban did when they were in power.
  • Describe the difference between Shia and Sunni muslims.
  • Describe the Pashtun people (Amir in the story).
  • Describe the Hazara people (Hassan in the story).
  • What is the political situation in the country of Afghanistan today?
  • How large is the Norwegian NATO ISAF-force? How large is the international ISAF-force?