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Canada has many different animals. Perhaps the most famous animal in Canada is the brown bear. Most brown bears live in with their human neighbours. But sometimes bears can cause .
A fed bear is a dead bear
Bears often become a problem when they learn that they can get food from humans. They get food from bins. Some bears even break into houses to get food. Bears which are causing a problem are usually moved away from the . Sometimes bears return to the area they came from. Bears which keep coming back have to be killed. If they are not killed, they might injure or kill humans.
Bear encounters
People are not often injured by bears, but it can happen. Some are very dangerous, like meeting an injured bear, meeting a mother with , going into a bear’s cave or meeting an angry bear.
If you are going somewhere where you might meet bears, you should carry an air horn. The of the air horn will scare the bear away. When camping, do not bring food into your and clean up all garbage. If you meet a bear, walk slowly away from it. Do not run. A bear can easily run faster than a human. Do not look it in the or shout.
If a bear attacks you, lie down and put your hands around your head to protect it from . Pretending to be dead might save your life.