New Zealand travel project

Here are three descriptions of package tours to New Zealand.

a) Study the descriptions with a partner: Which of these appeal to you? Why?

b) Choose one of the package tours described below and find out more about a package similar to it. Use the links provided here. Here are a few things you might want to find out:

  • How can you travel to New Zealand, and how do you get around when you are there?
  • What can you do? What do you think would be most interesting?
  • How much would it cost to take one of these tours?

Advert one

New Zealand’s Best Luxury Tours
Superior New Zealand vacations are designed to combine the country's scenic highlights with a selection of the Nation's leading accommodation.

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Package includes
          Exclusive tour car with private chauffeur/ tour guide.
          9 nights in luxury accommodation.
          2 meals in five star restaurants.
          Free entrance to attractions.
          Cruise on the Milford Sound.

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Thrilling New Zealand
We can offer a unique collection of adventure vacation packages. Packages include classic activities such as bungy-jumping and white water rafting, plus some of the wildest activities on the planet – try shark diving, caving or the newest craze, zorbing.

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Packages can include
          Black water rafting
          Cave abseiling
          Dolphin encounter
          White water rafting

Advert 3

Lord of the Rings Group Tours
Follow in the footsteps of Frodo and Sam from the lush green Shirelands into forests, across rivers and even to the twisted lava and ash fields of the Black Land itself. Along the way you’ll easily recognize the sites of epic battles, and imagine you still hear the thudding of horses' hooves, the clash of swords.

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These 12 night tours include:
          Hobbiton (lunch at 'The Shire's Rest' )
          Emyn Muil, Mordor and Mt. Doom
          Gollum's fishing pool
          The film studios
          Isengard Gardens
          Helms Deep and Minas Tirith
          The Pelennor Fields
          The Rohan sites
          Fangorn Forest and River Anduin
          Milford Sound
          The Misty Mountains