Fill the gaps, and then translate the text into Norwegian.


train aloof time novelty insolence moment conscious discreetly grateful intrigued snubbed gazed winked intimacy

I can still remember the first I saw a black man. I was a small boy and I was waiting for a with my mother. He was standing on the platform near the bench where we were sitting. I was absolutely . Being a child, I didn’t glance at him , as an adult would: I at him, open-mouthed, in wonder. It wasn’t just the of his skin colour, which was very dark. It was also that he seemed so , so cut off from the rest of us. After a while he must have become of my scrutiny and he turned to look at me. For a we stared at each other. Then suddenly he and his face broke into a wide smile. I smiled back. It was a moment of between strangers and I’ve always been for it. He could have taken my curiosity for . He could have me, or even stuck his tongue out at me. But he smiled.