Pick the correct alternative and write the word in the gap.

Most of us sometimes end/ends/do up in situations were/where/that we say and do the wrong things. Perhaps a non-Muslim offers pork to a Muslim, then/and/only to discover that Muslims do not eat pork. Maybe a/the/an European in Saudi Arabia shows the soles of his foots/foot/feet while seated, only to discover that this can be interpreted like/as/some lack of respect. It could be that a non-European thinks that Norway is belonging/part/similar of Sweden or thinks that somebody/nobody/all from Scotland is English, only to discover that people from Norway and Scotland feel very well/strongly/satisfactory about their nationality. A Norwegian businessperson that/which/who goes to France may feel that two-hour lunches are a waste of time, only to discover that the lunch may be more relaxing/important/expensive for a business deal then/for/than the business meeting itself. We can learn from our mistakes and avoid the same mistake the next time by/around/again . But how often do we end up in exactly the same situations again?