Video: Am I British?

On a special camping trip in the Lake District, six teenagers from diverse backgrounds discover what it means to be British, as the divides between them are explored. (Part of a series.)


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Fact Box: Immigration to Britain

Large numbers of immigrants from former British colonies in the Caribbean and Asia travelled to Britain in the 1950s and 1960s. Today the non-white population is about 3 million, or 5.5 % of the total population. When unemployment became a problem in the 1970s, laws were passed restricting immigration.

Most immigrants in the 20th century settled in cities, and you can see this by walking around in London, Bradford, Leeds and other cities. London has a larger non-white population than anywhere else – one fifth of its population is non-white.

Getting a job can be difficult for younger members of this non-white community, and they still experience some discrimination. London's police, for example, have been strongly criticised for not treating non-whites the way they treat whites.