Complete the sentences using verbs (in the right form) from the list below.

LIST: account, ignore, grant, mistreat, christen, practise, emerge, contest, deprive

  1. Aborigines have been native rights to huge areas of land.
  2. These rights have been by farmers and industrialists.
  3. Hunters can stand and wait for many hours for an animal to from a hole.
  4. Diseases for 90% of the decline in the aboriginal population.
  5. The newcomers the bay Botany Bay, because of the many plants they found there.
  6. For many years the native population was of all civil rights.
  7. The natives tried to the intruders by turning their backs on them.
  8. Although it was illegal to the natives, many were killed without risk of punishment.
  9. An unofficial policy of segregation was in many Australian towns.