Listening: A School Year in New Zealand

New Zealand landscape (Copyright: Getty Images)New Zealand landscape (Copyright: Getty Images)

Mariken is a 17-year-old Norwegian girl who has spent a school year abroad as an exchange student in New Zealand.



While listening to Mariken’s story, note down what she says about the following topics:


          some of the main differences between this school and her school in Norway
          the subjects she studied
          foreign languages at her school
          the average school day
          what students there know about Norway
          what New Zealanders are like

a) Discuss what similarities and differences there are between your school and Mariken’s school in New Zealand.
b) Many schools in Norway give their students the chance to take a year attending a school in another country. Would you be tempted to spend a year at school abroad? Why or why not?
c) Some Norwegian politicians have suggested that school uniforms would be a good idea. What do you think?