Fill in the gaps using words from the list.


wearer skin upset types certain ancient slaves culture life tattoos

Ta Moko is the Maori word for . The English word tattoo comes from the Polynesian word “ta-taau”. In Polynesia in times it was easy to find food, so they had time for art. The tattoos changed during the wearer’s .

In New Zealand most Maori men and some women had tattoos in the face. The marks were cut into the . Some people also had tattoos on other parts of the body. The only ones who did not have Moko were . There were two main of moko; one showed the bloodline, and another showed the brave actions of the . The Moko was cut into the skin with an albatross bone. Then they put colour in the scars. The Moko gave the wearer rights, for example the right to speak during meetings. Today Moko is skin art, and it does not have the same meanings as before. But some Maoris get when white people ('Pakeha') get Moko. They feel that white people have stolen enough of their . Robbie Williams has Moko, and that upset some Maoris