Listening: Mari Working Abroad

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Mari from Trondheim has found work as an au pair in England. We asked her if she could write a letter to tell us about her experiences. Listen to her letter (ignore the page reference, please).



On the basis of Mari’s letter, are the following statements true or false? If a statement is false, correct it.

a          Mari has lived in Oxford for seven months now.
b          Mari didn’t want to go to university straight after school.
c          Mari’s main responsibility is housekeeping.
d          Mari used to dislike ironing.
e          The Kendalls’ house is old, big and run-down.
f           The Kendalls have wall-to-wall carpets in every room.
g          Mari’s room is quite small but she has a bathroom of her own.
h          Mari wasn’t very pleased to hear that her au pair family live in the country.
i           Mari finds driving on the left very difficult.
j           Mari has all weekends free.
k          Mari’s hobby is horseback riding.
l           Most of Mari’s friends are Norwegian.
m         Mari’s boyfriend is a boy from the village.
n          Mari’s stay as an au pair has been a very educational and rewarding experience for her.


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