Listening: Visiting a Canadian City

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An ethnic group is a group of people who share the same cultural background. In a multi-ethnic city there are lots of people from different ethnic groups who live together.

Now you are going to listen to a woman talking about Toronto, a multi-ethnic city in Canada. (Please ignore the page reference.) Do the activity when you have finished listening.



a    Which of these ethnic groups are mentioned in the text?

Brazilian / Norwegian / French / Indian / Italian / Greek / Russian / Portuguese / Latvian / Russian / Chinese

b     Toronto is called …

       - the big TO
       - the lovely TO
       - the multi-cultural TO
c     In Toronto …
       - 20 per cent of the population was not born in Canada
       - 40 per cent of the population was not born in Canada
       - 60 per cent of the population was not born in Canada
d     The waitress was …
       - rude
       - not able to speak English
       - very polite
e     In Chinatown a lot of the signs are
       - in English
       - in Canadian
       - in Chinese
f      Younge Street is …
       - the shortest street in the world
       - the busiest street in the world
       - the longest street in the world
g     At the Danforth festival you may …
       - take part in sports and games from different countries
       - taste food from different countries
       - buy handmade products from different countries
h     In Toronto the different ethnic groups …
       - do not mix
       - are hostile towards each other
       - live happily side by side
i      The speaker thinks that the diversity of Toronto is …
       - problematic
       - very interesting
       - not very interesting


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