Fill the gaps, using words from the list.


aircraft fighter planes browsing wiping missiles range stock crew mind capability runway nuclear offer brochures fetch


Sales assistant: Can I help you, Sir, or are you just ?
Shopper: Well, actually I’m looking for an carrier. Do you have any in ?
Sales assistant: Yes, certainly. Perhaps you’d like to look at these . Do you have anything special in ?
Shopper: Well, I’m thinking of something in the upper price . You see, I’m planning to attack my next door neighbour later this year, and I need somewhere convenient to have my when they come back from out his major cities.
Sales assistant: Oh, we have the very thing for you, Sir. This one, for example: a 300 metre , it carries over 80 aircraft and a of 3000, is equipped with anti-submarine and has a cruising speed of 35 knots.
Shopper: Oh, that’s very impressive!
Sales assistant: Yes, and as a special we can throw in a few free F-15 fighter planes. Air-to-ground missiles, capacity, enormous destructive . Your neighbour won’t know what hit him!
Shopper: That’s excellent. I’ll have one. Do you have them in blue?
Sales assistant: Certainly, Sir. Where would you like it delivered, Sir?
Shopper: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll come and it myself. I only live next door.