Fill in the gaps using words from the list.


any average century Australia harm desperate India homeless many

Three problems caused by climate change:

1) Drought:
In south-eastern climate experts say that the drought may go on for ever. Temperatures have been 1 degree Celcius above for 11 years in a row.

2) Melting sea ice:
The sea ice is melting and therefore polar bears for food attack and eat each other. In 2050 there may not be polar bears left in Alaska. But politicians in Alaska still want to drill for oil in the wilderness. They do not believe this will the polar bears.

3) Rising sea levels:
Scientists think it will get 4-5 degrees warmer in this . This will melt a lot of ice and make sea levels rise. People in areas close to the sea will have to move away. In and Bangladesh 125 million people could become .