Get to know Scotland and Wales better

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. (Copyright: Getty Images)Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. (Copyright: Getty Images)


1) Welsh and Scottish culture
Use the links to find examples of Welsh and Scottish culture that are not mentioned in your textbook. Present your findings in class or groups.

2) Inventions and discoveries
Find examples of inventions or discoveries made by Welsh people. Choose one or two that you find particularly strange or interesting and present them to your class.

3) The Loch Ness monster
Search the websites for information about the Loch Ness monster ('Nessie'). Make a presentation or a wall poster based on your findings. Try to separate between what are clearly facts and what you think is made up.

4) Significant Scots
Search the 'Scottish History' website and find a list of significant (i.e. important) Scots. Choose one person you think has been very important, and present her or him to your class.


A site with facts about Wales and the Welsh

A very informative site about Scotland - and musical too!

Edinburgh Military Tattoo: official site for this world-famous festival

Everything about the famous Loch Ness monster

Information from the Wales Tourist Board

Scottish dress and tartans - a site which explains why the Scots dress as they do

Scottish history. This is an unofficial but very comprehensive site

Welsh cultural traditions. Here you can find out about Eistedfodd, Noes Gaen Galeaf and many other things