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William Prepares to Be Prince of Wales with First Welsh Lessons
Prince William has started to learn Welsh in anticipation of the day he will succeed his father as Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles delighted members of the new national assembly for Wales in May with his fluency in the language at the opening ceremony. He is known to be anxious for William to possess the same skill. William has already received a number of lessons at Eton.

Charles spent a term at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 1969. He took a crash course in Welsh and stayed in a hall of residence.

After completing the term at Aberystwyth, the prince delivered a 300-word speech in Welsh in front of 5,000 people on the day of the Urdd National Eisteddfod, the annual Welsh youth festival. Although it was met with enthusiasm by the majority of the crowd, nationalist demonstrators tried to interrupt the speech.

Insiders say that William also has a special affection for Wales. He made his first public engagement at the side of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, at Llandaff cathedral in Cardiff on St David’s Day in 1991.

Just three weeks ago, he competed in a triathlon competition involving swimming, running and cycling. He captained the Eton swimming team and finished second out of 300 in a 1,500-metre race in the sea at Fishguard in west Wales.

Despite reports that William wants to go to university in Scotland, rather than Wales, after finishing at Eton, palace sources said yesterday that his real wish was to go directly to Sandhurst and pursue a career in the army.

Here’s How Wills Can Be Prince of Cool
What is a boy to do? He’s 17, the world’s most eligible bachelor and far more handsome than any male model. But he can’t swan around dressed like David Beckham, because one day he’s going to be king.

Last week Prince William highlighted his problem by turning up to a polo match in eye-catching Oakley-style sunglasses.

Terribly trendy – but not quite right teamed with a double-breasted blazer his daddy might have worn.

Then Wills was photographed having a driving lesson at Highgrove wearing denims and a baggy jumper – a look that wasn’t quite there in the cool stakes. So today we offer him a little help – in our exclusive pictures Wills lookalike Marc Rattigan is dressed by David Thomas, the stylist who helped hone the ultra-cool looks of stars like Robbie Williams and Oasis.

David says: ”There are reasons why the prince dresses like he does. His clothes are correct for his life. He obviously has taste, and he’s pretty cool.”

”But there is only so much he’s allowed to do as he lives with royal pressure as well as peer pressure.”

”Most of his mates at Eton are probably dressed similarly.”

”He doesn’t need to be massively different – he’s not a footballer or a pop star, he’s our future king – but he could do with being updated.”