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Common sense
Common sense, unfortunately, is not all that common, and millions of are caused because people do not think before they act. Here are a few simple .
–     Keep your clean and tidy, so that you do not slip on wet surfaces or fall over .
–     Use the right for the right job – do not, for example, use a screwdriver as a lever – or you will damage the tool and injure yourself.
–     Do not, whatever you do, let power tools like electric get wet.
–     Always power tools before you clean them or attach an .
–     If you are not sure about how to use a tool or a machine, then ask someone who is. There is no such thing as a question.
–     Make sure you have read the book thoroughly before you operate a machine. Wear the right protective and follow all the safety at all times.
–     If you are suffering from , talk to someone like the safety officer at work or your counsellor at school. He or she is trained to help you.
–     If you are tired, take a . A few minutes in a comfortable chair or on the sofa can work wonders and save you from .