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GPs 'see big rise in sick notes'

A third of GPs (doctors, ed.) have noticed a big in the number of people needing to be signed off work for at least seven days, a survey has found.

Most (94%) of those quizzed blamed employers for failing to take responsibility for their workers' and wellbeing.

The major health problems affecting workers are (76%), back problems (63%) and depression (57%).

In all cases, these problems can be caused or exacerbated by the working environment.

Nowhere to turn

Forty-two percent of said they had struggled with key members of staff being off for long periods of time, causing widespread disruption.

However, the survey reveals only 38% of companies see employee wellbeing as a priority.

Four in ten companies it completely as they do not have any system in place for health management.

Instead, 43% said they chose to manage health issues on a case-by-case .

And 70% of companies admitted they did not see employees' health as their .