Film: Oral Exam in English (8 episodes)

  • Produsert av elever på Vg1 Medier og Kommunikasjon, Rosthaug vgs, 2009

  • Redigering: Petter Mølkjær Klepelv og Sondre Garås
  • Prosjektleder: Alexander Lentze

In this video you will meet two candidates, Kine and Erik, who are sitting their oral exam in English ENG1002/ENG1003. They discuss the short story “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty. It will be a great advantage if you have worked with this story yourselves before watching the video. This way you will be better equipped to discuss the different episodes.

It is important to note that this video covers only what is sometimes the last part of the oral exam in English: discussing an item from the student’s reading list. This is usually a film, a novel or a play, an article or a poem, or, as in this video, a short story.

A full oral exam may take on various shapes depending on what the schools (or sometimes counties) decide. Different models exist, and it seems the only formal requirement is that students are entitled to a preparation time, for example 48 hours, or up to one hour on the exam day. In the former case, students normally draw one or two topics which they prepare at home and then present in the exam (see video ''How to Make an Oral Presentation''), followed by a discussion of the process involved. In the latter case, many schools choose the traditional listening comprehension text as preparation.

Whatever the preparation type, many schools seem to include a discussion of a text the class has worked with during the English course. And more often than not, a short story or two are among the items the students draw from. Literary texts like “The Sniper” lend themselves easily to discussion on different competence levels; most students are able to say a few things to do with plot and perhaps theme, whereas others may take the opportunity to discuss the literature in more depth.


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